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4 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make With Your Kids

Christmas DIY Decorations
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DIY Christmas decorations and tree ornaments, because it’s even more special when you make them yourself! A Hong Kong mama gets crafting with her daughter and shows us how to make our own precious and personalised Christmas decorations.

Christmas is the favourite time of the year for many people, including me. It’s the time when our Elf on the Shelf makes an appearance and terrorises the house (in the most fun way possible, of course)! Since I have my own personal elf, my daughter Isha, I decided to make our Christmas decorations and ornaments this year.

The good thing is that when you have a kid at home, you’ll never run out of arts and crafts material and it can all be repurposed to create something new. Here are some easy-to-make Christmas decorations, that will have your Christmas tree looking splendid and give you a chance to spend quality time with your kids.

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DIY Christmas Decorations Hong Kong

DIY Christmas Decorations – Popsicle Stick Photo Frames

Start with this one that can be done independently by your little in-house creative artist. I discovered the method on this blog and gave Isha a completely free hand.

What You Need To Make Your Own Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • 4 Popsicle sticks
  • 2 big buttons
  • A small piece of ribbon
  • A small Christmas tree from a stationary store or green pipe cleaner
  • Red paint
  • A nice photo

DIY Popsicle Stick Photo Frames: Method

The method mentioned on the blog above (which Isha followed) gives you a cute truck with a Christmas tree that doubles up as a photo frame. It only requires you to paint the popsicle sticks red and then paste them in the shape of the truck. But you could also cut and stick the sticks in various other shapes, leaving enough space to add a photo in there. It can make for a great personalised keepsake to share with grandparents who haven’t seen their grandchild(ren) for a while.

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DIY Christmas Decorations Hong Kong


DIY Christmas Decorations – Snow Globe Ornaments

Love snow globes? Make your own laminated snow globes this Christmas and hang them up as tree decorations. Or, pop them in the post with a Christmas card and send them to your family abroad for another festive keepsake.

What You Need To Make Your Own Snow Globe

  • A printed template like this one by Crafty Morning
  • A nice photo
  • White paint (you could also use colour pencils or felt pens)
  • Lamination machine
  • Lamination sheets or a plastic sheet
  • Glitter

DIY Christmas Decorations Ornaments

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments: Method

I followed the instructions from Crafty Morning and made minor modifications (like using a photoshopped image!). Draw out a circle on a lamination sheet or a plastic sheet. Draw a few white waves towards the base of the circle. Dip your finger (or your child’s finger) in white paint and put a few white dots. Add some glitter as well.

Now take a picture of your child or children. Cut close to the outline of the body so there isn’t too much of a border. Stick it in the middle of this circle or lamination sheet. Let it dry and then laminate it (if you don’t have a laminator at home, do this at Fotomax or any photo printing service). Stick it onto a base (I used what was in the template above) and label it with your child’s name. Punch a hole and hang it on your tree.

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DIY Christmas Decorations Christmas Ornament

DIY Christmas Decorations – Personalised Wooden Decorations

A few years ago a friend invited us for a Christmas party and gave us these personalised tree ornaments that have been amazing additions to our Christmas trees ever since. I asked her how she did it and it would be a great Christmas decoration that you could try at home.

What You Need To Make Your Personalised Tree Decorations

DIY Personalised Wooden Decorations: Method

Before the party, we were all asked to send in family pictures. Our friend took regular printouts and stuck each one on a piece of wood with mod podge. Then she varnished it with decoupage glue. Easy and a lovely result!

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DIY Christmas Decorations Felt Christmas Tree Arts Craft

DIY Christmas Decorations – Felt Christmas Tree

Many moons ago, I used to make quiet books for children. Though it’s been over four years since I stopped making them, this last DIY Christmas decoration was a tribute to the long-forgotten seamstress in me. It is an easy one and can be done by the kids on their own (if you are comfortable with them using a needle and thread).

What You Need To Make Your Felt Christmas Tree

  • A template to cut out stars
  • Different colours of green, red, and blue felt for the stars (go with whatever you have)
  • Yellow felt for the star on top
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun

DIY Christmas Decorations Arts Craft Kids

DIY Felt Christmas Tree: Method

Use whatever scraps of felt you have. Cut them out in the shape of stars and sew them together to make a compact multi-coloured felt tree. Add a larger yellow star on top. Use glue to stick it to the top. Similarly, use a glue gun to stick a piece of brown felt at the bottom to complete your tree.

I hope you get a chance to make your own Christmas decorations and add to the festive cheer!

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Main image courtesy of Getty Images, all other images courtesy of Tarana Desai-Shah. 

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